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Social media code of conduct

Social media

Code of conduct

Thirlmere Public School intends to use social media as a method of connecting and collaborating with our school community in a way that reflects 21st Century communication. Social media allows people within our community to immediately access up-to-date information. It also provides an opportunity for community members to ask questions and share their knowledge and experiences. Joining social networks is voluntary and the comments posted are public. We require that all interactions with Thirlmere Public School social media networks reflects our school motto: show respect. Overall, we are working together to achieve a positive, informed, communicative school community.

Our code of conduct

Supported use of names in posts

All users interacting with the Thirlmere Public School social media accounts, either by liking or commenting, must do so using accounts that clearly identify the user by their real name. Thirlmere Public School will not connect with users who are not clearly identified. Users are encouraged to use first names only in posts when you wish to acknowledge someone's great work or community contribution. We wish our social media accounts to be used in building our community — a public pat on the back goes a long way to supporting a positive school environment.

Asking questions without including names

Contributors are welcome to post questions to Thirlmere Public School via its social media accounts but does wish to remind the community that some things are best dealt with privately. Issues involving any students or staff must not be raised via social media. They will be automatically deleted. When questions are asked or comments are made we are happy to see people support the issue via a comment or a 'like'. We will not support or publish any interactions that incite or contribute to overly negative sentiments. We ask that you do not use the names of any students, staff or any other members of the parent community in any posting, on any social media page or account based on such issues. It is also important that all comments follow cyber safety rules and do not include surnames or specific information about people at our school.


Users will be able to 'like' a post, comment on the school's postings and on comments by other users. Users will not be able to author a posting of their own or upload media (photos and videos). These user permissions will be reviewed over time, and assessments will be made about increased access based on use.

The law and social media terms and conditions

Thirlmere Public School's social media sites operate under the Commonwealth Telecommunications Act. We are aware that different social media sites have their own terms and conditions and we require our Thirlmere community to adhere to the rules developed by each server. In line with each social media's terms and conditions we will not connect with children if they are restricted from using the site due to being underage. However we encourage children, under parent supervision, to view our page and contribute to content. We believe our communitv/s conduct on our social media pages will serve as role modeling for our students about how to behave in a social media environment.

Moderation and actions resulting from any breaches of the code of conduct

 Thirlmere Public School reserves the right to moderate and filter any and all content on its social media accounts and to block users from interacting with social media accounts for breaches of this code of conduct. Content which is inappropriate or that does not meet our code of conduct will be removed. No further correspondence will be entered into for deletions and modifications of content made by the administrator on the Thirlmere Public School social media sites.


The administrators of each site, the ICT coordinator and the school executive team, will be responsible for ensuring that the social media code of conduct is implemented. Thirlmere Public School's social media code of conduct will be reviewed annually to ensure that it effectively reflects the needs of Thirlmere Public School and current social media practices. 

Thirlmere Public School's social media code of conduct (PDF 393KB).

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